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Knowledge mobilization toolkits: developing a KM strategy

A successful KM strategy must be designed to match researchers with end-user organizations that can apply their work to policy or professional practice. To do this, one can make use of several KM toolkits designed to facilitate the development of a strategy.

This session is divided into two parts: Part 1 will be a presentation and discussion of what KM toolkits are, how they can be used, and how they fit into an overall KM strategy.


  • Part one: David Phipps, Executive Director, Research & Innovation Services, York University
  • Part two: Anneliese Poetz, Manager, Knowledge Translation, NeuroDevNet


Performance monitoring, reporting and evaluation: What’s the point of giving the NCE all this data anyway?

The NCE program uses a variety of formal monitoring, reporting and evaluation tools, which include requiring networks to report annually on a specific set of indicators. This data is vital to ensuring accountability to government. It also helps the NCE Secretariat measure the program’s relevance and performance as well as each network’s performance against program criteria. This session will focus on the NCE program’s performance measurement activities and rationale, focusing specifically on the program performance evaluation process, the role of the NCE Monitoring Committee, and examples of useful data collection and analysis tools used by BioFuelNet, the Canadian Water Network and GRAND.


  • Jane Barratt, Chair, NCE Monitoring Committee and Vice-Chair, NCE Standing Selection Committee