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Founding new companies

Launching a new company arguably represents the most recognizable step in the technology commercialization process. Centres and networks can act as catalysts for this process, and effectively bridge the worlds of R&D and markets. Experienced company founders will share their experiences and lessons learned in establishing start-ups, and discuss risks, successes and failures.


Models of revenue generation

As centres evolve towards long-term growth and profitability, various revenue generation models should be explored in order to identify suitable opportunities that drive business sustainability. These models can include direct foreign investment, fee for service, equity building and others. This session will examine various revenue models and provide an opportunity to discuss the benefits and risk management strategies associated with each.


A happy marriage: Managing network agreements and IP

Managing healthy partnerships is key to the success of NCE networks and centres. This session will examine how to create an effective and viable network agreement and the challenges of managing intellectual property in a network environment. The focus of the discussion will be the challenges of addressing the competing priorities of the network/centre and its partnering organizations and individual participants, as well as some of the successful and unsuccessful mitigation measures that have been experienced by the panelists and session participants.


  • Stephanie White, Chief Intellectual Property Officer, GreenCentre Canada