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Knowledge Mobilization Initiative

As per the December 2018 NCE Program news, funding for the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program is gradually being transitioned to the New Frontiers in Research Fund and will continue over the next few years. In light of this, the NCE Secretariat will not be conducting any future calls for proposals for the NCE Program, the Knowledge Mobilization (NCE-KM) Initiative and the International Knowledge Translation Platforms (NCE-IKTP) Initiative.

The NCE Knowledge Mobilization (NCE-KM) initiative funds networks dedicated to transferring knowledge to those who can put it into practice. As part of the Networks of Centres of Excellence program, it supports collaborations between academia, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations across many sectors and disciplines. Networks composed of well-established research teams and receptor communities develop tools that facilitate the uptake and application of world-class research results. They focus on addressing key problems, challenges and opportunities of high strategic importance to Canada.The initiative’s goals include:

  • supporting national and international networks between knowledge users and producers for the benefit of Canada’s social, health and/or economic development
  • enabling knowledge mobilization activities that will bring together researchers from different disciplines to share and nurture ideas and methods that challenge research

Quick facts

  • The NCE-KM initiative was launched in 2010.
  • The currently funded NCE-KM networks focus on regenerative cell therapies, on-line security and various aspects of helping children and youth.
  • NCE-KM networks are awarded up to $400,000 per year for four years, with the possibility of a three-year extension.

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