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MITACS Transformation

In May, MITACS,Canada’s premiere Network of Centres of Excellence in the mathematical sciences,announced it was transforming itself into two separate organizations—Mitacs Inc. and MprimeNetwork Inc. Each organization in its own way will continue to work to support Canada’s innovation agenda.

Mitacs Inc. will concentrate on developing and supporting a suite of unique programs geared toward collaborative industry/academic research projects that address attraction, retention and training the talent Canada needs to be competitive in the global knowledge economy. Brad Bennett, President of McIntosh Properties, was appointed its new Chair of the Board and UBC Computer Science Professor Dr. Arvind Gupta will continue to serve as the scientific director for Mitacs Inc.

MprimeNetwork Inc., the new organization, will continue to fulfill the mandate of the original MITACS as Canada’s Network of Centres of Excellence in the mathematical sciences. Dr. Allen Eaves, President of Stemcell Technologies has been appointed as Chair of the Board of Mprime and University of British Columbia mathematics professor Dr. Nassif Ghoussoub will serve as its new scientific director.

“We are fortunate to have someone of Dr. Ghoussoub’s calibre at the helm of Mprime Network. I’m confident he will ensure that the mathematical sciences remain a key component of Canada’s future innovation strategy,” explains Dr. Eaves.

MprimeNetwork Inc.’s focus is to lead the generation, application and commercialization of mathematical tools and methodologies within a world-class research program and in so doing improve Canada's international competitiveness. It works with organizations to identify their challenges, find scientists with the expertise necessary to address these challenges and provide funding toward mathematical sciences research and innovative solutions.

“One of the characteristics of successful knowledge-based economies is their ability to incorporate sophisticated mathematical tools and methodologies in their innovation effort,” said Dr. Ghoussoub.

Moving forward, this reorganization will allow MprimeNetwork Inc. to focus its attention on supporting research in mathematical sciences in the sectors of the economy essential to Canada’s growth and the benefit of all Canadians.

Mprime, the only Network of Centres of Excellence for the mathematical sciences, brings together academia, industry and the public sector to develop cutting edge mathematical tools vital to our knowledge-based economy. Through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, Mprimefunds mathematical sciences research projects throughout the country, focusing on five key economic sectors: biomedical and health; environment and natural resources; information processing; risk and finance; and communication, networks and security. Mprime supports more than 400 Canadian scientists working with 800 graduate students in partnership with an extensive network of non-academic institutions.

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