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STEPS presents at the Global Petroleum Show

At the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, held June 8th through 10th, The Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) took the opportunity to showcase its Business-Led Network of Centres of Excellence, the Sustainable Technologies for Energy Production Systems (STEPS).

The Global Petroleum Show is the largest petroleum trade show in the world, and is hosted every two years as both a trade show and academic conference to demonstrate the latest in technology and innovation in petroleum.

Dr. Steve Whittaker, Senior Project Manager at the PTRC, made a presentation in a session on bitumen (the heaviest and thickest form of petroleum) and heavy oil (oil which does not flow easily) at the conference outlining the expanding STEPS Network. The PTRC, which administers several other petroleum projects in addition to STEPS, saw several thousand visitors at its booth over the three days.

The STEPS business-led network seeks to develop new enhanced oil recovery technologies that will leave less of an environmental footprint while increasing production from declining or difficult to access hydrocarbon resources.  The BL-NCE was awarded in 2009, and with seven corporate partners currently funding STEPS research, the network saw ample opportunities in the Calgary petroleum show for networking with the more than 2000 exhibitors, and more than 1000 conference participants to showcase the latest in STEPS enhanced oil recovery research and to seek out potential business partners.

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