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NCE at the G20

With the world’s attention on Toronto for the G20 summit, one Network of Centres of Excellence and one Centre for Excellence in Commercialization and Research were there to introduce Canadian innovation to the world.


Two promotional videos about AUTO21 were selected as part of a showcase in the international media centre in Toronto.  The showcase promotes Canadian innovation across different sectors.  One video focuses on AUTO21’s robotics research while the other explains the unique partnership style of AUTO21, as a Network of Centres of Excellence, bringing together government, industry and academia.

“The NCE program has been foundational to the development of academic-industry partnership in Canada. The success of AUTO21 has shown that the NCE model is an effective means of getting the best researchers in Canada working on the most important problems, said AUTO21 Scientific Director, Dr. Peter Frise.  “We are excited to have our research shared with representatives from around the world. In nine years, AUTO21 research has generated more than 100 patents, licenses and commercialization agreements plus provided unique training opportunities to more than 1600 HQP [Highly Qualified Personnel].”


The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) will help all G20 delegates connect with involved groups such in industry, the media and academia.  G20Net is a social media tool developed for the G20 by CDMN with one of its industry partners, Open Text, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

“Basically it is a social media platform, kind of like Facebook, but more for the public sector and business crowd,” said Steve Currie, Marketing and Communications Director of CDMN.  In addition to the usual blog, comment, and chat functions, users can use G20Net to ask  questions from content experts from diverse fields.

CDMN was already working with the G20 planners to create a showcase of Canadian digital media companies when they realized that the platform Open Text was developing for CDMN’s annual meeting, Canada 3.0, would work well for the G20.

The site is by invitation only, and CDMN is having exploratory talks with the hosts of the next G20 meeting in South Korea in the hopes that the platform will be used there as well.

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