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Canadian Digital Media Network - CDMN*

$21.7 million for 2009-21
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Canadian Digital Media Network

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Partner contributions
$88 million

Kitchener, Ontario

Managing Director
Avvey Peters Avvey Peters

Board chair
Steven Woods Steven Woods
Engineering Director, Google

National and regional players unite to help grow digital media sector

The opportunity

Canada’s digital media landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade, which has proven to be a boon for hundreds of Canadian companies trying to break into international markets, and young graduates looking for rewarding and high-paying jobs here in Canada. To maintain and grow this momentum, Canada needed to connect innovative firms to sales opportunities globally, promote links between firms to advance business-to-business market opportunities and leverage government investments to benefit hundreds of small- and medium-sized firms. Achieving this goal calls for an innovative model that overcomes the distance of geography to create a critical mass of services and expertise in every region across Canada.

How CDMN is seizing the opportunity

Founded by Communitech in the Waterloo Region, the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) connects Canadian technology companies to a national ecosystem of 26 digital media commercialization hubs where they can access the technical, legal, financial, marketing and business resources needed for success. Each hub brings unique expertise to the national network while serving as a regional centre for the development, acceleration and commercialization of technology ventures. CDMN has become the go-to resource for commercialization of all types of digital technologies, including entertainment, health care, education, financial services and advanced manufacturing.

Among the results

  • CDMN’s Soft Landing Program has helped 509 Canadian companies land in 59 countries to cultivate international business opportunities and establish a presence in markets such as the U.S., Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Australia, the U.K., Germany, Costa Rica and China. To date, participating companies have reported more than $83.7 million in new revenues and $82.7 million in new investments as a result of their Soft Landing experiences. The Soft Landing program has also resulted in 238 jobs created.
  • In partnership with IBM & OCE, CDMN is facilitating the Soft Landing Export Development program that offers companies exposure to business opportunities around the world to open new markets, close international sales and collaborate with new partners. Companies accepted into this program will have the exclusive opportunity to work from an IBM Innovation Space in the market they have selected.
  • CDMN piloted the Get There Program in January 2016, bringing eight Waterloo Region companies to Silicon Valley to expand their networks, meet investors and connect with potential clients. Since the pilot, Get There has helped 79 companies land in 4 different markets, including San Francisco and New York City, United States; and Shenyang and Tianjin, China. Companies have reported more than $500,000 in new revenues, $790,000 in new investments and created 12 jobs.
  • Initially only available in Ontario, CDMN helped MaRS Discovery District expand its Market Intelligence Program to six different Hubs in five provinces. Data and statistics on consumer, industry and technology trends and market size are now available for free to network clients in the Atlantic Region, British Columbia and Quebec.
  • CDMN is now piloting a new program, in partnership with T-HUB in India, called Global Bridge: Canada-India. This program helps high-growth Canadian tech scale-ups do business in India.  The program is designed to demystify the local business culture, support product localization, validate business models and gain in-market networking opportunities that help companies successfully enter the Indian market.
  • CDMN also offers nationwide support for their network hub startup/scale-ups through the Passport Program. Companies can land at any network hub when traveling and requiring desk space. The program has been utilized over 30 times by clients from over 10 network hubs in over 6 provinces.

Connect with CDMN

* (formerly known as Corridor for Advancing Canadian Digital Media - CACDM)


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