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Grassroots groups get new tools to promote healthy relationships and prevent bullying

The challenge:

In Canadian schools, bullying happens every 7.5 minutes in the playgrounds and every 25 minutes in the classroom. Although the statistics are alarming, the human impact is heartbreaking – children who are victimized can be emotionally scarred for life. For those who survive, and media reports remind us that some tragically don’t, the consequences can be devastating and long lasting. Grassroots organizations want to help, but until recently lacked the training, tools and strategies needed to act.

How one network responded:

PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) may be one of the NCE’s smaller national networks, but its success in bridging the divide between research and practice has empowered thousands of families, schools, workplaces and communities across Canada. Thanks to PREVNet-supported research, Scouts Canada, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross are among more than 50 youth-serving organizations that now have access to education and training programs, assessment tools, and intervention strategies that have been scientifically proven to reduce bullying.

What our partners are saying:

Our collaboration with PREVNet has had a profound impact on our organization, especially with regards to training of our staff and volunteers. The healthy relationship approach has now been integrated into all our training and is a core component of our training.

- Brian Smockum, Master Trainer, Canadian Red Cross

We have incorporated PREVNet feedback and resources, and consider our training and support stronger as a result. Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across Canada serve over 35,000 children and youth annually. Agencies train and support these young people, as well as their parents/guardians and volunteer mentors. The enhanced resources will benefit many.

- Susan Climie, Director of Training, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

We have implemented a number of changes over the past three years as a result of our partnership with PREVNet. Graduate students used current research to help update our leaders manual as it pertains to child and youth development, including bullying and suicide. For the first time, we now have a bullying and harassment policy which was implemented across the country in May 2012. And, we developed a healthy relationships workshop for our adults, senior youth and staff that is being formatted into an e-learning module that will be available to all our members and the general public.

- Olean Jones, Group Commissioner, Scouts Canada