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“Fixing” atrial fibrillation earlier would benefit millions of Canadians
When it comes to healthcare Canadians can all agree that it’s better to fix a problem early than allow it to get progressively and dangerously worse over time. Read more.
Finding the right molecule in a haystack of life-saving possibilities
Developing a new drug starts with identifying the molecule or "ligand" that can block the molecular target or "receptor" involved in a disease. Read more.
Inuit guide research to low impact shipping corridors
We have to hunt to eat, and these days that's getting harder. Read more.
High tech coating protects windshields from stone chips, heat and frost
A Kitchener Ontario-based start-up is working with GreenCentre Canada to make windshields safer and greener. Read more.
NEOMED to play key role in Quebec’s new life sciences strategy
Three Quebec cabinet ministers and more than 150 other dignitaries used the NEOMED Institute in Montreal as the backdrop for the May 5 launch of an ambitious plan to make the province one of the top five North American life sciences clusters within a decade. It is currently ranked tenth. Read more.
Helping ports protect whales from noisy ships
A homegrown technology that can monitor underwater noise is helping Canada’s largest port protect at-risk marine life while continuing to support $200 billion in annual marine trade and over 98,000 jobs. Read more.
Monitoring greenhouse gases from space
Managing carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases (GHG) is not just good for the environment. Read more.
The chances of surviving cancer are about to get better
New cancer-fighting drugs are being developed every year. But which one is the right one for you and your particular cancer? Read more.
A new hope in the fight against cancer
Nanorobots that travel through the bloodstream to attack tumour cells could one day be used to fight cancer. Read more.
New network infrastructure makes cities smarter
New network infrastructure designed to create smart cities is poised to open the door for dramatic improvements in the efficiency, cost and variety of municipal programs and services. Read more.
BioCanRx supports innovative clinical trial combining experimental cancer-killing viruses and antibodies
More than 50 Canadians with lung cancer could be the first trial participants who may benefit from a promising new combination therapy with the potential to significantly improve treatment outcomes, and cause fewer side effects than many current treatments. Read more.
Giving older adults and their caregivers a voice in research
Jim Mann is one of more than 747,000 Canadians living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, but don’t ask him what new technologies would make his life easier and safer. Read more.
Cells... in a box
It’s like magic – insert a cancer patient’s blood cells in one end and out the other end come T-cells adapted for cell therapy. Read more.