What if we could boost our natural products industry?

Natural Products Canada - NPC (CECR)

Photo credit: Garrett Elliott, LaunchLab

The challenge: Consumers are increasingly demanding products derived from natural sources based on their health and environmental benefits. In Canada, much of this demand has been filled by imports, despite having world-class science, regulatory and clinical trial expertise and dozens of incubators, as well as an abundance of raw materials. This sector needed a national effort linking regional pockets of innovation to each other, and to investors and supply chains globally.

The response: NPC’s primary focus is providing companies with commercialization support to bring products and technologies to market faster. Its first investee company is FireRein Inc., which created a non-toxic water additive that can “knock down” fires up to 55% faster while using up to 60% less water. Early proof-of-concept work on Eco-Gel™ was done in collaboration with GreenCentre Canada, another member of the CECR network.

As part of their network, we are now “plugged-in” to the global natural products community. NPC represents a critical bridge that supports and enables an entrepreneur’s journey from minimal viable product to market adoption. Dr. Rui Resendes, CEO FireRein Inc.