What if Arctic development were safe, sustainable, and inclusive?

Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network - MEOPAR (NCE)


The challenge: Several countries are preparing for the opening of Arctic waterways caused by climate change, and the resulting opportunities for resource development and shipping. This will test Canada’s safety and security, and challenge northern communities.

The response: The Canadian Coast Guard, the Canadian Hydrographic Service and Transport Canada have partnered with MEOPAR to implement the Northern Marine Transportation Corridors Initiative, which will deliver navigational aids, infrastructure, and emergency response services along Arctic waterways. Five Inuit communities are working with a research team to produce practical information so government policymakers can manage Arctic shipping in a way that respects local people and encourages sustainable economic growth. With support from MEOPAR and Irving Shipbuilding, they are identifying the major risks and opportunities of increased shipping activity for local communities.

Almost all communities in Nunavut are coastal and we rely on these waters 365 days a year for travel and for food. These corridors are like building a road through my farm, and you wouldn’t do that anywhere else in Canada without first asking where you should build that road. Natasha Simonee, Community Facilitator for Project