What if we could monitor greenhouse gas emissions?

Leading Operational Observations and Knowledge for the North - LOOKNorth (CECR)

GHGSat measures greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sites around the world. Photo credit: GHGSat

The challenge: In June 2016, GHGSat launched “Claire,” the world’s first monitoring satellite designed to help companies measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industrial sites more safely, reliably and cost-effectively. As with any new technology, GHGSat needed to prove to potential customers they had solid technical data to back up their measurements.

The response: LOOKNorth partnered with GHGSat to test and validate its new sensor well before Claire left the launch pad. These tests monitored emissions at one Alberta oil sands site and two hydroelectric facilities being built in Canada’s North. This in turn led to a new project between GHGSat and members of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance to measure fugitive emissions – uncontrolled releases of gases – from two tailings ponds and one mine.

LOOKNorth’s financial, technical and project management support has been invaluable in demonstrating to potential customers around the world that our technology does what we say can it can do. Stéphane Germain, President, GHGSat Inc.