What if we could identify promising drugs faster?

Canadian Glycomics Network - GlycoNet (NCE)

GlycoNet network investigator Dr. Ratmir Derda. Photo credit: John Ulan for the Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

The challenge: Developing a new drug starts with identifying the molecule – or target – involved in a disease. Even with high throughput screening, this process is expensive, high-risk and time-consuming. GlycoNet, in partnership with the Alberta Glycomics Centre (AGC) and the Derda Research Group at the University of Alberta, had developed a way to screen millions, even billions, of molecules in just 48 hours.

The response: Launched in January 2017, GlycoNet’s 48-Hour Discovery service opens new opportunities for drug discovery by enabling scientists to search for even more molecules. Clients from academia and industry mail their protein to GlycoNet, and the service leverages the Derda group’s expertise in molecular biology, informatics and biochemistry, as well as its partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals. The service also offers opportunities for long-term partnership with the AGC and GlycoNet’s network of world-leading researchers, government laboratories and industry partners.

The faster you can identify that target, the faster you can eventually optimize it and turn it into a therapeutic or diagnostic that goes into the clinic and into the market to help people. Dr. John Dwyer, Senior Scientist, Protein Engineering, Ferring Pharmaceuticals