What if cleaner and greener chemistry were even more widely deployed?

GreenCentre Canada - GCC (CECR)


The challenge: Canada’s clean tech sector has generated more than 55,000 jobs with about 800 mostly small or medium-sized companies. But these companies need access to industry networks, capital, market data, and top-notch lab facilities to reach their full potential.

The response: GreenCentre Canada’s two state-of-the art labs, and its team of experienced chemists, commercial experts, and business professionals, work closely with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, and researchers to de-risk and scale up green chemistry technologies. This includes products such as a transparent windshield film developed by Alchemy, a start-up founded by a group of University of Waterloo nanotechnology engineering graduates. With GreenCentre’s help, ExoShield films will do an even better job at preventing stone chips, improving visibility, blocking UV radiation, preventing frost, and reducing cabin heating. The result: better efficiency for conventional and electric vehicles.

GreenCentre Canada has the expertise to change the underlying chemistry of the film which will reduce the cost, while keeping the windshield completely transparent. Our goal is to have a prototype by June of 2017 and then work further with GreenCentre to optimize the technology so that it performs exactly how we want it to before going into production and validation. Chong Shen, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder, Alchemy