What if personalized treatment could cure unique cancers?

Exactis Innovation – Exactis (BL-NCE)


The challenge: Personalized cancer treatment can match experimental drugs with the patients who would benefit the most. This approach calls for identifying small groups of patients for clinical trials based on distinct biomarkers, which is not possible when drawing from a single cancer clinic.

The response: The Personalize My Treatment (PMT) registry, a pan-Canadian database launched by Exactis Innovation and including large pharma, small-and medium-sized companies, hospitals, research institutes and government, pools patients from multiple cancer centres. More than 470 patients in Quebec and New Brunswick are the first to sign up, with the aim of enrolling 8,000 from across the country by the end of 2019. The project will gather the critical mass of genetic and molecular data needed to match patients to clinical trials with as few as 80 patients.

With breast cancer it can be four or five years before the cancer comes back and in some cases as long as 10 years. Aggressive forms of breast cancer may come back in the first three years. By having access to tumour samples that were taken before it comes back, we can more rapidly find the drug that matches the genetic profile of that person’s tumour. Dr. Mark Basik, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal