What if diseases could be diagnosed and treated earlier?

Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization - CPDC (CECR)


The challenge: Each year millions of patients receive radiopharmaceuticals – drugs that contain a medical isotope used to both diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases. However, scientists in the field of radioimmunotherapy – which combines radiation therapy and immunotherapy – face barriers to make their discoveries accessible to health care providers and global markets. Too often, their ground breaking innovations remain locked in research labs.

The response: Since its launch in 2008, CPDC has worked closely with industry partners to address this commercialization gap. The centre has leveraged its internal research and development pipeline to spin-off three new companies, build a rapidly expanding manufacturing business, and supply radiopharmaceuticals for more than 40 clinical trials. One of those promising new drugs, FPX-01, is designed to diagnose and treat chemotherapy resistant cancer. FPX-01 is being commercialized by Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc., a CPDC spin-off that, in February 2017, raised USD $25 million in series A financing led by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. FPX-01 is expected to start phase 1 clinical trials early in 2018.

Fusion's platform is rooted in CPDC's expertise in radiolabelling technologies and provides new opportunities to impact patients with next generation radiotherapeutics. This recent financing round showcases how public and private sector cooperation can create the innovations that benefit patients in Ontario, Canada and worldwide. Peter Goodhand, Interim President, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (whose commercialization arm, FACIT, was one of the founding backers of CPDC)