What if we could put our networking technologies back on the world map?

Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks – CENGN (CECR)


The challenge: Telecommunications companies won’t gamble on network security and reliability. When buying new products, they want proof that it will work reliably and with their existing equipment. This is a challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that lack the expertise, funding and equipment to validate new solutions.

The response: As an industry consortium, CENGN builds the supply chain between start-ups, SMEs and multinationals and between solution providers and network operators to support commercialization. CENGN connects companies across Canada to a unique, multi-vendor test platform for developing and validating next generation networking technologies, including 5G wireless, remote and rural broadband, and cybersecurity. One SME to benefit is Expeto, which fast-tracked technologies needed to cost-effectively deploy a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cellular network in the cloud. The system was tested on a live network connection between Canada and Germany in October 2015 at an international conference in Dusseldorf.

CENGN has been extremely helpful in providing a platform from which Expeto could showcase their solution on a global scale. Expeto is now deploying secure, smart and intimately scalable LTE networks for enterprises around the world. Ryley MacKenzie, CEO, Expeto