Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada
Government of Canada


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Making new discoveries and transforming them into products, services and processes help ensure Canada’s global competitiveness. These activities also make a real difference in the lives of Canadians.

It is equally important to ensure that public funding supports cutting-edge R&D with an appropriate balance between blue-sky ideas and real-world applications. The networks and centres funded through the NCE meet today’s challenges head on. They mobilize Canada’s best research, development and entrepreneurial expertise and focus it on specific problems and strategic areas.

Harnessing the best talent in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and health sciences, and putting it to work using a proven and internationally recognized network approach, contributes to building a more advanced, healthy, competitive and prosperous country. NCE funding supports the right mix of people and organizations to address important issues for Canadians.

The Results are real:

  • More jobs and higher levels of training
  • New companies and products
  • Better policies and practices
  • A broader knowledge base
Jobs and training—Learning through doing

The large majority of those who complete post-graduate studies will find work outside academia. NCE networks and centres help make graduate students and post-doctoral fellows job-ready by rounding out their post-secondary education with the hands-on training employers demand. By working collaboratively with the companies, organizations and communities that will ultimately benefit from the research, students learn the value of turning knowledge into solutions that matter.

Calgary student helps turn consumers into “prosumers”
Calgary-based Chaordix, a crowdsourcing pioneer serving IBM, LEGO, Virgin and other global companies and organizations, was looking to gain further insight into market research intelligence and analytics. Read More
Improving care for the frail elderly
A new training program from the Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network emphasizes hands-on experience as the best learning tool. Read More
Ensuring all kids get the best hospital emergency care
Forty percent of children who go to a general emergency department do not get treatments for which clear evidence exists. Read More
Research excellence—Putting knowledge to work for Canada

Canada ranks among the best in the world when it comes to producing excellent research. Through the network model pioneered by the NCE, it is also home to proven approaches and best practices for putting this knowledge to use in addressing difficult challenges. Connecting the knowledge makers with the knowledge users ensures the research is relevant to those who need it most.

Understanding your cybersecurity risks in two-minute bites
Did you pick the most secure password? Are you a target for fraudsters when you shop online? Just how secure is your smartphone? Read More
Testing Canadian ocean monitoring technologies for
better safety
Major investments in Ocean Networks Canada will make Canada’s west coast communities safer and allow ONCIC, the network’s business division, to open new global markets for homegrown technologies. Read More
Canadian discovery could speed diagnosis and care for autism
A Canadian-led study supported by NeuroDevNet promises new hope for diagnosing and treating autism early enough to make a difference. Read More
Making Canadian-built planes quieter
Bombardier Aerospace’s new Global 7000 luxury jet will operate more quietly thanks to new software that makes it possible to identify and correct noise sources early in the development process. Read More
Advanced manufacturing efforts target a global market
Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector is getting even more high tech. Read More
A one-shot deal: Creating a universal flu vaccine
Forty-eight volunteers are taking part in a ground-breaking clinical trial in Halifax for what could become the last flu shot people ever need. Read More
Commercialization—Building stronger companies and launching new products

It’s not enough to develop an exciting new technology. NCE networks and centres work on multiple fronts to ensure that the best ideas make it to the marketplace, whether through forming a startup company, negotiating licensing agreements or supporting product development. They help validate technology, build relationships throughout a supply chain, promote investment, cultivate access to markets, and match experienced entrepreneurs with startup companies.

Processing wood waste into green replacement for coal
Made-in-Canada bio-coal is competing to replace traditional coal currently used for heat and power. Read More
Turning research investments into life sciences companies
Canada has a new way to turn the country’s $6-billion investment in basic health research into successful and well-managed companies. Read More
Boosting test capabilities for green tech
GreenCentre Canada has taken its ability to test promising new green technologies to the next level thanks to an agreement with Canada’s leading materials research centre—the Xerox Research Centre Canada (XRCC) in Mississauga, Ontario. Read More
Canada-China collaboration could revolutionize cancer care
One of the world’s top genome science institutions—BGI in China—has partnered with one of the world’s top translational research centres—the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC)—to revolutionize cancer detection and treatment. Read More
Canada to manufacture new therapy for rare tumours
Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization was selected by US-based Progenics Pharmaceuticals to manufacture a new therapy strategy for pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma, two rare and often fatal tumours. Read More
Reducing mercury contamination during offshore drilling
Vancouver-based Advanced Applied Physics Solutions Inc. spinoff company MICROMATTER Inc. has hit the market with a new product that is helping resource companies minimize the environmental impact of offshore drilling. Read More
Accelerators: They’re not just for start-ups anymore
CDMN’s innovation successes are catching the attention of some of the world’s biggest corporations. Read More
A better way to do breast cancer biopsies
Up to 200 Canadian women will continue to be among the world’s first to have a breast biopsy taken by a robotic system that got its start on the Canadarm and International Space Station. Read More
Calgary firm’s e-comm app gets even better
An image recognition technology developed at York University, with support from MaRS Innovation, has been acquired by Calgary-based Slyce to make its ecommerce app “see” better. Read More
Reducing the time and cost of drug discovery
Some 30 of the most promising drug discovery projects from universities and small- and mid-sized companies will have a better chance of reaching patients thanks to NEOMED. Read More