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Minister Goodyear joins the Canadian Water Network to discuss engaging students and young professionals with its highly qualified personnel program

On February 4 and 5, 2010, the Canadian Water Network (CWN) invited 13 past, current, and potential participants in its HQP program, as well as Minister of State (Science and Technology) Gary Goodyear, to more closely examine ways to continue to engage young people with CWN’s highly qualified personnel program.

Minister Goodyear addressed students and young professionals at the workshop, reiterating the government’s continued commitment to research and commercialization. Attendees of the workshop were invited to discuss with the Minister the importance of the broad and multidisciplinary perspective afforded to them by their CWN training, and Minister Goodyear reflected on the need to encourage scientists and engineers to apply the knowledge they create for the benefit of Canadians.

Like many NCE networks and centres, the CWN places a significant emphasis on training of highly qualified personnel (HQP), and with its recent workshop, looked for ways to improve on the already successful model of its Student and Young Professional Program. Discussions included methods to strengthen the program to ensure sustained impact in both the water and decision-making communities.

Participants identified four strategic objectives during their plenary and breakout sessions, including building and sustaining CWN’s network of students and young professionals, expanding and broadening perspectives in the water management and research community, facilitating broader outreach and education initiatives, and increasing the employability and quality of new and emerging researchers and water managers. With these objectives in mind, the CWN intends to pinpoint and encourage the key areas in which students and young professionals can play a specific role, and to clarify the steps necessary to attain the objectives.

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