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Network legacy: TECTERRA*

Funded 2009-2016

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NCE contributions
$11.7 million

Number of partners

Partner contributions
$25.6 million

Calgary, Alberta

Geomatics tools improve productivity, policies and practices

Canada’s natural resources constitute approximately 45% of its exports. The country is also a world-leader in geomatics, which transforms raw geographical data into tools needed by both government and industry to improve productivity and decision-making in energy and mineral exploration, forestry and agricultural management, environmental stewardship, and emergency management. Our geomatics market, 40% of which is located in Alberta, is growing at a rate of 20% per year. It currently represents 20% of the global market. Sustaining this market calls for continuous growth in state-of-the-art technology, innovative products, excellent applied research, commercialization support and highly skilled professionals.

Managed and operated by industry veterans, TECTERRA put small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on a fast track to success by linking technology makers with potential customers to jointly develop, test and commercialize new geomatics products and services. Geomatics companies could access a comprehensive range of investment programs and services, efficiently delivered, without giving up control, intellectual property or equity. TECTERRA’s programs covered the entire commercialization process, from idea to revenue generation: research and development support; flexible funding models; training and development workshops; access to testing and development equipment in the TECTERRA Geomatics Lab; networking opportunities; and business development support.

Among the results

  • TECTERRA had more than 1,100 engagements with geomatics companies across Canada and supported 181 SMEs, including Ontario-based Lim Geomatics, a GIS consulting firm that develops a software system to assist in the efficient and effective management of forestry resources; and 3vGeomatics, a British Columbia-based SME that acquires and processes satellite imagery to extract information, allowing for better production decisions and the assessment and mitigation of geo-hazard risks in resource based industries.
  • TECTERRA supported 30 breakthrough technologies, including a revolutionary Augmented Reality training system developed by Alberta start-up ScopeAR that reduces industry training costs and equipment down time.
  • TECTERRA created and supported more than 301 jobs across Canada by assisting highly qualified personnel (HQP) in obtaining employment through a variety of programs.
  • The TECTERRA Geomatics Lab provided state-of-the-art equipment for Canadian geomatics technology development. Their lab equipment had more than 28,785 days of use and led to the development of 124 prototypes. Through the GET-Pro Program, TECTERRA offered hands-on equipment training courses for industry professionals and graduate students.

* (formerly known as Centre of Excellence for Integrated Resource Management - CEIRM)