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CENTRE LEGACY: GreenCentre Canada - GCC

Funded 2009-20

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GreenCentre Canada

NCE contributions
$19.7 million

Kingston, Ontario

Connecting Canada's research expertise with industry demand for green solutions

Although promising green chemistry technologies are being developed in universities and early stage companies across Canada, few make it to market. Industry needs technologies that are proven to be scalable, optimized for specific applications, produced in kilogram-scale batches and largely de-risked – activities neither academia nor industry are able to do on their own. Now, thanks to GreenCentre Canada’s (GCC) “hands-on” chemistry development capabilities, these organizations can quickly develop green chemistry innovations that can compete on cost and performance, putting Canada on the vanguard of a sustainable green chemical and materials industry.

GCC was a “one-stop shop” to develop and scale Canada’s best chemistry and material science discoveries. Academic and industrial technologies introduced to the centre were assessed for their commercial potential (economics, strength of the intellectual property position, competing products) and their estimated environmental impact compared to current technologies. The most commercially promising technologies were developed, de-risked and scaled up in GCC’s 900 square metre laboratory facility. GCC’s team included highly experienced chemists, commercial experts and business professionals who worked closely with its vast network of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, and researchers.

Among the results

  • One of GCC’s start-ups, Forward Water Technologies, completed the construction of its pilot-scale engineering testing platform, which simultaneously reduced the volume of dissolved salts in challenging waste water while returning fresh water for re-use or surface release.  It has since had a successful private financing and worked with strategic partners to implement the technology.

  • Continued funding from the Ontario government enabled GCC to operate its IHC4 program which provided support to Ontario-based small- and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs by developing, de-risking and scaling up their innovations.

  • GCC continued to collaborate with The Lorama Group (Mississauga, ON) to commercialize an innovative outdoor paint/coating technology that is more environmentally friendly than existing products.  The technology, originally licensed from Queen’s University, was further developed in GreenCentre’s labs. GCC subsequently collaborated with Lorama for additional testing and product formulation.  Lorama worked with its industrial clients to further develop the product for ultimate manufacturing and distribution.

  • GCC partnered with global leader Veolia Water Technologies to commercialize a novel water purification technology.  Originally developed by Carleton University professor Banu Ormeci, the technology measures the polymer flocculent concentration in waste water streams in real time.