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RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation - RESEAU

$1.6 million for 2019-24
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RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

Network Co-Director
Madjid Mohseni Madjid Mohseni

Knowledge User Co-Director and Interim Board Chair
Irving LeblancIrving Leblanc

Sustainable outcomes in drinking water health for Indigenous and other non-urban communities in Canada

The opportunity

Six million people living in Indigenous and non-urban (I+NU) communities in Canada face highly disproportionate exposure to negative health, social and economic impacts from untreated and contaminated drinking water. Problems are rooted in the complexities of knowledge sharing and utilization – no single individual or organization possesses all of the knowledge needed to fully assess complex issues and solve fundamental problems unique to each community.

How RESEAU is seizing the opportunity

RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation’s (RESEAU) goal is to accelerate the creation of sustainable improvements in drinking water health for Canadian I+NU communities. RESEAU’s Community Circle™ model for innovation customizes solutions for communities, with decisions, practices, technologies and services tailored to a community’s unique needs. It systematically collects and assesses existing knowledge of potential solutions, while capturing and weighing the perspective of all the stakeholders involved in I+NU water system upgrades. RESEAU’s helps partners and stakeholders understand and act upon the knowledge, skills, values and ethical responsibilities required to innovate, and to embrace the notion that issues of water quality in I+NU communities are directly connected to broader health and social challenges.

Among the expected results

  • Developing a culturally responsive evaluation framework for assessing innovative technologies, services, regulations, services, regulations and policies that enhances understanding of barriers and solutions.
  • Building a cloud-based Knowledge Bank bringing various forms of digital content together to produce user-focused knowledge products that influence developing and achieving outcomes of greater significance than might be achieved independently
  • Propagating the first-ever Canadian Framework for Ethical Water health Innovation based on synthesized stakeholder knowledge and experience to guide I+NU water/community health improvement projects and processes.
  • Engaging 15 regional I+NU “anchor” community groups through Community Circle™ to become a stabilizing force, helping nearby communities to make choices pertaining to self-governance and self-determination, as well as sustainability.

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