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Solutions For Kids In Pain - SKIP

$1.6 million for 2019-23
Solutions For Kids In Pain

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Network Co-Director
Christine T. Chambers Christine T. Chambers

Knowledge User Co-Director
Douglas MaynardDouglas Maynard

Assistant Scientific Director
Katie BirnieKatie Birnie

Board Chair
Judith G. HallJudith G. Hall

Healthier Canadians through better pain management for children

The opportunity

All children experience pain. Canada is a world leader in children's pain research, and effective treatments do exist, but this research evidence is not consistently mobilized into practice due to barriers and disjointed efforts. Canadian children subsequently suffer undertreated and preventable pain, leading to negative immediate and long-term health outcomes for children and families as well as detrimental impacts on the healthcare system.

How SKIP is seizing the opportunity

Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) is a knowledge mobilization network, based at Dalhousie University and co-led by Children’s Healthcare Canada, that seeks to bridge the gap between current treatment practices and available evidence-based solutions for children's pain in Canadian health institutions. SKIP's vision is healthier Canadians through better pain management for children, with a mission to improve children's pain management by mobilizing evidence-based solutions through coordination and collaboration. SKIP brings together Canada's world-renowned pediatric pain research community, front-line knowledge user organizations and end beneficiaries.

Expected results

  • To increase understanding of knowledge user needs, assets and gaps, SKIP will conduct a needs assessment to identify resource gaps, conduct a readiness for change assessment, complete an environmental scan, create an asset map, organize current resources and summarize knowledge in priority areas.
  • SKIP will increase access to effective pain management tools for diverse knowledge users. Using a “Patients Included” approach, SKIP will co-produce and promote knowledge mobilization tools for patients, caregivers, health professionals, administrators and policy makers. Tools will include checklists, summaries, templated policies, videos and other digital content, such as the use of health professional social networking platforms as communities of practice. A new hospital accreditation standard for pediatric pain management will be developed and implemented.
  • SKIP will improve institutional capacity to implement evidence-based pain management. Knowledge brokers situated at four SKIP regional hubs will serve as change catalysts, engage stakeholders and support health institutions to access, adapt and implement evidence. Their goal will be to increase the number of Canadian institutions pursuing ChildKind certification (a global standard of institutional commitment to pediatric pain management).
  • To improve public understanding about pain in children and its consequences, SKIP will have an active presence online and over social media. SKIP will also deliver presentations and participate in events for public and professional audiences as well as engage with the media.

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