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Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada - CANet

$26.3 million for 2014-20
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Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada

Number of partners

Partner contributions
$14.9 million

Western University, London, Ontario

Scientific Director and CEO
Anthony Tang Anthony Tang

Bryce Pickard Bryce Pickard

Board chair
Pierre Boyle Pierre Boyle
Assistant Director, Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health

Patients play central role in arrhythmia research network

The opportunity

Canadian heart rhythm research has led to innovations that include the external cardiac pacemaker and the implantable heart record. It has also helped identify appropriate treatment for patients with atrial fibrillation, reduce heart failure and death with cardiac resynchronization therapy, and reduce the risk of stroke from atrial fibrillation. However, a growing number of patients are being diagnosed with major arrhythmia problems, notably sudden cardiac death, atrial fibrillation and syncope. Early detection, prevention and treatment often require expensive medications, medical procedures and highly sophisticated technology. Canada is linking scientists and clinicians at 25 heart research centres with engineers, social scientists, health care providers, industry, government, non-profits and people living with arrhythmia to develop and evaluate new heart rhythm therapies and grow Canada’s biotechnology sector.

How CANet is seizing the opportunity

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) is a multidisciplinary, multi-sector network of more than 130 investigators, industry partners, patients and health care providers that is identifying research priorities and working with stakeholders to put the right solutions into practice. By using innovative technological and health systems solutions, and aligning the needs of patients, health care and industry, CANet supports new technologies and therapies that improve diagnosis, safe and effective treatments, and proven approaches to promote accessible and sustainable health services. The network empowers patients to manage their own arrhythmic diagnoses and treatments. This national and coordinated approach helps reduce premature deaths and suffering, increases quality of life, ensures efficient use of health care resources and grows Canada’s health-related industries.

Among the results

  • CANet provided $3.7 million in funding through eight Strategic Research Grants (SRGs) and one Major Industry-partnered Research Grant (MIRG) designed to impact the lives of people living with arrhythmias. These research programs have generated $13 million in matching funds.
  • CANet joined forces with IBM to launch Heart-SIGN (System for Information Gathering and Networking), a cloud-based analytics platform designed to manage, monitor, store, correlate and analyze data generated from CANet research projects. CANet will use IBM BigInsights on Cloud and Watson Analytics to build an informatics platform to help spark new ideas and share research related to heart rhythm disturbances. This collaborative initiative will help researchers uncover insights that can help them achieve faster and more cohesive clinical outcomes.
  • In collaboration with Baylis Medical, CANet developed a new transseptal system for patients suffering from heart failure, which is now in production with clearance from Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • A team of researchers including a CANet investigator developed the Canadian Syncope Risk Score, a new screening tool to help emergency physicians determine if a fainting patient has symptoms of a potentially dangerous underlying condition. CANet is funding the second phase of research to validate and implement the tool in emergency departments across Canada, with the hope of later making the tool available online and as an app.

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