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Natural Products Canada

$14 million for 2016-23
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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Shelley R. King Shelley R. King

Board chair
Robert Orr Robert Orr

Fostering a home-grown advantage for the natural products industry

Natural products research has shown a wealth of applications in human and animal health, as well as in providing green alternatives to agricultural products and industrial chemicals. Consumers are increasingly demanding products derived from natural sources based on their health and environmental benefits. Canada’s natural products sector is stepping up to claim a larger piece of the global market. Building and maintaining a role for Canadian innovators and producers requires visionary leadership, good strategy and a flexible approach to align a diverse group of private and public sector organizations.

Natural Products Canada (NPC) is establishing Canada as a global leader in research, development and commercialization of natural products, focusing on nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals; functional foods and food ingredients; agricultural products, animal feed ingredients and veterinary care products; and green replacements for chemically derived products. The nationwide network of nodes brings together BioAlberta, Ag-WestBio Inc., the University of Guelph, the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (Université Laval) and the PEI BioAlliance . Drawing on a pipeline of companies, research organizations and universities, NPC evaluates, guides and invests in products and technologies to accelerate their commercialization.

Among the results

  • NPC’s focus on high-growth opportunities that provide solutions to some of the globe’s most pressing challenges such as food and water security, health and wellness, and environmental sustainability have attracted over 2,300 stakeholders and partners, including industry leaders like Cargill, Premier Tech and Nature’s Way.
  • NPC invested in 13 promising Canadian companies, helping them achieve new business results and attract other national and international investors. As of 2022, every $1 invested by NPC has attracted a total of $35 in additional investments from partners. NPC has built on this success with the announcement of a new $50 million investment fund, NPC Ventures, which has the potential to leverage an additional $200 million for Canadian high-growth opportunities.
  • NPC’s strategic suite of commercialization programs address critical pain points for high-potential start-ups. The programs have already helped 21 companies advance 49 new natural products to market, generating 157 new jobs, $29 million in new revenue and $117 million in new investments.
  • Through its advice, referrals, innovation scouting and pitch events like its signature investor meetings with Nutrition Capital Network, NPC and its partners have helped over 1,200 Canadian innovators achieve significant results such as new markets, clients, hires, partnerships, funding and investment.

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October 3, 2022