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Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization - CIMTEC

$13.3 million for 2011-18
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Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization

London, Ontario

Justin Leushner Justin Leushner

Board Chair
Ian Smith Ian Smith,
President, Innovative Biodiagnostics Inc.

Accelerating the commercialization of medical imaging innovations

Canada is home to many of the world’s leading medical imaging research programs. Despite significant public and private investment, however, sales of imaging equipment by Canadian companies continue to represent less than one percent of a $20.6-billion global market—one that is growing by 4% annually. Canada set out to increase its global market share by pooling expertise from across the country to create a critical mass of research, resources and infrastructure. It is also helping developers better understand the complex process of getting their ideas and products to market, and strengthening their capacity to follow through with each step of the process.

Among the results

  • Kingston-based KalGene Pharmaceuticals, Inc. signed a multi-year collaborative agreement with CIMTEC to develop therapeutics and companion diagnostics that specifically target aggressive cancers.
  • Perfint Healthcare in India has been working with CIMTEC to develop a 3D ultrasound-guided focal liver tumour ablation system. The new system will increase the accuracy of identifying and localizing a tumour, and reduce or even eliminate the need for intra-operative CT imaging.
  • Halifax-based Densitas Inc. is seeking U.S. regulatory approval to market a new technology that determines the risk of breast cancer by reliably measuring breast density from digital mammograms. CIMTEC worked with Densitas to develop and validate a robust algorithm, understand options for how to integrate it into clinical workflow, and develop new strategic partnerships.
  • London, Ontario start-up DQE Instruments has operations on three continents and is growing its product line after CIMTEC helped it overcome a mechanical problem – clearing the way for the development of a timely, more usable, cost-efficient device to evaluate the performance of new x-ray imaging systems.
  • CIMTEC recently joined the Canada China Business Council and began translating its marketing materials into Mandarin in an effort to attract Chinese investment in Canadian medical imaging technologies.

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