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Centre for the Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics - CCAB

$16.5 million for 2014-21
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Centre for the Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics

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$6.8 million

Toronto, Ontario

Robert VerhagenRobert Verhagen

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Ajay Chadha Ajay Chadha

Canada intensifies efforts to bring next gen drugs to market

The opportunity

While the life sciences industry in Canada has a significant advantage over many jurisdictions, there is a lack of expertise in moving innovations forward past the early discovery stage to a point where potential products can be identified to become the basis for new companies focused on translational activity. Further, there is a lack of sufficient seed-stage financing available to advance this activity.

How CCAB is seizing the opportunity

The Centre for the Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics (CCAB) is working to help expand the life sciences industry sector in Canada. CCAB provides in-house development management expertise and applies its development expertise broadly by working with emerging companies or by assisting in the creation of companies that have (or have access to) world-leading research ready for product development. Through its network and relationships with potential investors, CCAB provides avenues to obtain direct financial support for these emerging companies. In conjunction with externally sourced funding, CCAB helps them develop their lead candidates such that they can attract further development funding and become marketable products, with the view of making these companies sustainable, Canadian-based entities.

Among the results

  • In early 2018, CCAB launched C-Lab as a Fee-for-Service (FFS) business that provides antibody development and preclinical manufacturing capabilities to the general market. This antibody development expertise also contributes to the local academic community and enhances CCAB’s ability to support emerging companies.
  • In May 2018, CCAB launched the distribution of its reagent antibodies in partnership with MédiMabs Antibodies. The agreement marks the launch of a new business segment for CCAB and allows MédiMabs to expand its portfolio to include human synthetic antibodies. MédiMabs will distribute the antibodies to the international market.
  • In July 2018, CCAB signed a development deal with ImmunoBiochem to help advance the company’s ADC program to the IND stage, building on the April 2016 efforts when CCAB had signed a deal with ImmunoBiochem to develop new oncology therapies. Under the current deal, CCAB is responsible for developing antibodies against ImmunoBiochem’s lead cancer target and ImmunoBiochem will take the new molecules through clinical trials.
  • In February 2019, CCAB signed a licensing agreement with a new Canadian company, Empirica Therapeutics. The two companies will work together to develop new treatments for glioblastoma, focussing initially on its lead candidate target, CD133.

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