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Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process - ReMAP

$17.7 million for 2014-24
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Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process

Number of partners

Partner contributions
$14.5 million

Toronto, Ontario

President & CEO
Irene Sterian Irene Sterian

Board chair
Brad Jackson Brad Jackson

Strengthening an electronics manufacturing ecosystem for Canada

The opportunity

Global industry restructuring has shifted manufacturing to lower-cost countries and increasingly outsourced its supply chain, from design and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. Canada’s electronics sector in particular is underperforming and risks becoming further marginalized. While innovation is critical for driving success, it can take a decade to develop, deploy and implement new products and services. Most Canadian companies lack the resources and/or the skills needed to take new ideas through all the stages of commercialization. An industry-led consortium is changing that, by strengthening linkages between industry, academia and government to move ideas to market faster, while maintaining research, design and product manufacturing domestically.

How ReMAP is seizing the opportunity

In a world of start-ups, software applications, and disruptive technologies, ReMAP incorporates a strategy for Canadian businesses to navigate the digital economy, accelerate growth and improve ease of doing business in the adoption of Smart Manufacturing.  As new products are being launched at an exponential rate, the role of the Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process (ReMAP) is to accelerate the commercialization of innovations developed in Canada for the global market. ReMAP brings together a diverse range of experts from the aerospace, defence, automotive, healthcare, industrial and greentech sectors to advance research; accelerate technologies, materials and processes; and provide the means for knowledge transfer to Canadian industry and the country's emerging workforce. 

Among the results

  • Striving to translate Canada’s investment in electronics technology into economic growth and job creation, ReMAP has introduced 30 new products and services, developed 195 prototypes, and authored 150 publications across the Aerospace, Defense, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Healthcare, Industrial and Renewable Energy market segments.
  • Since joining ReMAP in 2015, 7D Surgical’s Envision 3D™ has been recognized as one of the best new spine technologies by the North American Spine Society (NASS), was named one of the Top Ten Best New Spine Technologies in 2017,  and has accelerated their surgical navigation technology to commercial success. While it can take up to 20 years to get a new medical device into the market, this system received regulatory approval from Health Canada and FDA in February 2017 and has been used in over 190 procedures by 20 surgeons in trauma, degeneration, and oncology cases.
  • Fibos, an advanced optical technology company, joined ReMAP in 2016. Fibos intends to disrupt the industrial sensing industry by replacing conventional electrical sensors.  Their optical sensing solution can measure up to 1000C and bandwidth upward of 50kHz.  Their sensors are intrinsically safe for harsh environments such as oil and gas applications.  The project group has been awarded $500,000 in government contracts, completed the Toronto Board of Trade (TBOT) Trade Accelerator Program and has potential customers in Germany and China.
  • FREDSense Technologies, a Calgary-based biosensor company, has developed a portable biosensor to detect arsenic in water. FREDsense combines biology and engineering to detect chemicals in industrial water. Their portable field kits are fast, sensitive, and require no training to use. Safe drinking water is essential to living, and existing tools are expensive, complex, and require on-site sample collection and processing. FREDSense’s new detection device will greatly reduce processing times in remote and vulnerable areas around the globe.

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