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Full Application Instructions

NCE Management Funds (NCE MF) - 2009

 Full Application Instructions

General Instructions

Candidates are advised to first read these application instructions and the NCE Program Guide.

For further information, consult the NCE Directorate:

Goals of the NCE MF

The goals of the NCE MF is to provide support to networks that can demonstrate that, beyond their final seven year cycle of NCE funding:

  • their knowledge and technology transfer and exploitation activities will continue to be of critical importance to Canada's economic and social development, and
  • the funding requested is essential to realizing the full benefits of the NCE funding previously received.

Funding Level

Up to a maximum of $500,000 over two years, per network, is available for the NCE MF.

Eligibility of Networks

Eligible networks are:

  • Networks ending their first seven-year NCE funding cycle and that do not apply for a second 7-year cycle, and
  • Networks ending their second seven-year NCE funding cycle.

Class of Recipients

The networks applying for NCE MF must continue to fulfill the NCE eligibility criteria as described in the NCE Program Guide to receive NCE funds.

Eligible Expenses

The NCE MF award is restricted to covering network administration and networking costs and may not be used for the support of research itself; it may be used for the network communication, knowledge and technology transfer and exploitation activities, salaries of network staff, annual general meetings and Board of Directors meetings.

Research support must be provided through other sources of funding such as granting agency programs or other organizations.

Privacy Act Statement

The information you provide is collected under the authority of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Act; the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Act; and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Act.

The information is stored in a series of data banks described in Info Source. Details on the use of this information are provided in Appendix C of the NCE Program Guide.

Environmental Review Policy

All proposals submitted to the Networks of Centres of Excellence Program must pay careful attention to environmental considerations. For additional information, please consult the NCE Program Guide.

Deadline Date

The NCE MF application package must be received at the NCE Secretariat by 4:30 p.m. EST, May 23 2008.

Mailing Address

Networks of Centres of Excellence
350 Albert Street, 16th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 1H5

General Presentation

Print must be in black ink, of letter quality (minimum standard), single-sided (original), double-sided (copies), with no more than six lines per inch. The type size for fonts measured in points (pts). If measured in characters per inch (cpi), it must be no more than 10 cpi. Condensed type is unacceptable.

Use white paper, 8 ½ x 11 inches (21.5 cm x 28 cm), with margins of ¾ of an inch (1.7 cm) (minimum) all around. Enter the title of the network at the top of every page, and number the pages consecutively.

A PDF version on CD and an original unbound copy plus twenty (20) double-sided copies of the complete package must be submitted. All pages must be numbered sequentially. Each package must be arranged in the order outlines above, with tab separators between each section. Details on these sections follow below. Any extra material will be removed.

NCE MF Selection Criteria

The application will be assessed against the following criteria:

i) Track record of the network during the last funding cycle

  • Achievement of milestones put forth in the network's last strategic plan, relative to the five criteria of the NCE Program
  • The network's key research breakthroughs and their impacts
  • Demonstration of successful networking and partnerships in support of network's achievements
  • Achievements to date in creating new products, processes or services or other outcomes and impacts that have led to the strengthening of Canada's industrial base, productivity, and/or economic or social development, and
  • Effectiveness of the network's management.

ii) Value-added of the proposed activities

  • The extent to which the proposed objectives and activities are of critical importance to Canada's economic and social development, and
  • Evidence that the proposed strategy will ensure successful completion of the proposed activities during and after the NCE MF funding period and increase long-term impact of the network.

iii) Partnerships and contributions

  • Nature and extent of involvement and contributions from partners and stakeholders during and after the NCE MF period to ensure successful knowledge and technology transfer and exploitation from the network, and
  • Commitment of researchers during and after the NCE MF period.

iv) Need for funds

  • Evidence that the budget requested is well justified and appropriate to attain the network's objectives presented in the application.

Guidelines for completing a NCE MF Application

The full application package must include:

Section A : Covering Letter (2 pages max.)

Provide a covering letter signed by the proposed Scientific Director, Chair of the Board of Directors and President or CEO of the Host institution.

Indicate the title of the network, including acronyms in both official languages as it will be used for publication and communication purposes and indicate in dollars the total amount requested from the NCE program (amounts should be identical to those shown in the Budget form requested in Section E). This letter must confirm that:

  • The NCE MF application is approved by the BOD and is in accordance with the network's own goals
  • The proposed MF Board of Directors is committed to monitor network activities during the tenure of the NCE MF award, and
  • Adequate provision of space and administrative support for the network will be provided by the Host Institution during the MF award period.

Section B : Progress Report (5 pages max.)

Explain the track-record of the network during its last funding cycle

Provide a table indicating the network's achievements to date listing new products, processes or services or other outcomes and impacts in the previous NCE funding period. Headings to include: title, date of realization, short description of achievements, partners, short description of impact.

Section C: Strategic Plan (7 pages max.)

Describe the objectives and activities planned during the NCE MF funding period, and address in detail the MF criteria (ii) value-added of the proposed activities, (iii) partnerships and contributions, and (iv) need for funds .

The strategic plan should also include a section on budget justification including:

  • How NCE funds will be used for the MF activities
  • Anticipated cash and in-kind contributions from partners that will be available during the NCE MF funding period to support the proposed MF activities, if any, and
  • A plan to use uncommitted NCE funds, remaining from the previous funding cycle, during the NCE MF funding period, if any.

Section D: Letters of Support (5 letters max.)

Provide up to five letters of support from key partners and stakeholders confirming their participation and/or expected new incremental in-kind or cash contributions during the NCE MF period, and/or impact anticipated. Letters of support will normally:

  • come from a senior executive with influence over a research budget
  • make commitment especially in terms of financial or in-kind support
  • indicate how the network would help their organization, and
  • indicate past associations with the proponents of the proposed network.

Provide a Letter of Support table indicating the name of organisation, page number, new incremental cash or in-kind contributions.

Section E: Statement of Accounts and Budget

Provide an updated consolidated statement of account for the whole network for the current fiscal year indicating the remaining commitments during and after the end of the NCE award, and the estimated balance of uncommitted NCE funds at the end of the fiscal year, if any.

Provide a projected budget table for NCE MF activities. Include the contributions of network partners to these activities and use of remaining uncommitted NCE funds from the previous funding cycle during the one year of possible extension, if any.

Section F: Management

Provide an organizational chart of the planned network's management during tenure of the NCE MF award; if it differs from the network's current management structure, provide an organizational chart of the network's current structure.

Provide the minutes of the two most recent meetings of the Board of Directors.

Provide a copy of the most recent annual report of the network.

Section G: NCE MF participants

Provide lists of participants in network MF activities, including members of the Board of Directors (indicate which members remain from the previous Board), network staff, researchers and partners, indicating the role of each participant (use the Excel template and codes provided in the attached table).

Review Process

An NCE MF Review Committee comprised of 4 to 7 members, experts in knowledge and technology transfer and exploitation and in concepts underlying the NCE Program and its objectives will assess the NCE MF proposals on the basis of the NCE MF criteria. The Review Committee will provide the NCE Steering Committee with a written evaluation of the application, comments on the appropriateness of the requested budget, and recommendations on duration and level of funding. The NCE Steering Committee will make the final decision on level and duration of NCE MF funding.

Announcement: February 2008
Application deadline: May 23 2008
Review meeting: June 2008
Announcement of results: July 2008
Award begins: April 2009


A complete NCE MF application package consists of:

un-check box Section A: Covering letter signed by the Scientific Director, the Chair of the network's Board of Directors and the President or CEO of the Host Institution
un-check box Section B: Progress Report (5 pages)
un-check box Achievement table
un-check box Section C: Strategic Plan (7 Pages)
un-check box Section D: Letters of Support table
un-check box Letters of Support (5 max.)
un-check box Section E: Network Statement of Accounts
un-check box NCE MF Budget tables
un-check box Section F: Organizational chart of the network's management structure during tenure of the NCE MF award; if different, include the organizational chart of the network's current management structure
un-check box Section G: NCE MF Participants table
un-check box Minutes of the last two meetings of the Board of Directors
un-check box A copy of the NCE Annual Report
un-check box One PDF version of the MF application on CD
un-check box One original unbound copy of the application with the original cover letter
un-check box Twenty (20) copies of the NCE MF application package