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Letter of intent (LOI) results

2015 Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program competition

The NCE Secretariat is pleased to announce the results of the Letter of Intent phase of the 2015 Networks of Centres of Excellence program competition.

The NCE Management Committee has accepted the recommendation of the NCE Selection Committee. Out of 83 eligible Letters of Intent received, the Management Committee has invited the following 10 proposed new NCE networks to submit Full Applications:

Network Director Network Name Acronym Host Institution
John Bell Biotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment BioCanRx Ontario Health Research Institute (OHRI)
Wesley Cragg Canadian Business Ethics Research Network CBERN York University
Wendy Craig & Debra Pepler Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence PREVNet Queen's University / York University
Ian Dixon Matrix and Tissue Remodeling Network MatriNET University of Manitoba
Ian Hill The Printed Solar Innovation Network PsiNet Dalhousie University
Todd Lowary Canadian Glycomics Network GlycoNet University of Alberta
Alex Mihailidis & Andrew Sixsmith Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement, and Long Life AGE-WELL University Health Network / Simon Fraser University
Russell James Schachar Phenomic, environmental and genomic approaches to psychopathology PEGASYS Hospital for Sick Children
Baljit Singh One Health Network OHN University of Saskatchewan
Anthony Tang Canadian Arrhythmia Network CANet Western University