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Competition FAQ

Industrial R&D Internship Program (IRDI) - 2008

 Competition FAQ

Who is eligible to apply to the Industrial R&D Internship (IRDI) program?

Not-for profit organizations are eligible to receive funds to administer an IRDI initiative. These include:

  • Existing Networks of Centres of Excellence
  • Fourth-pillar organizations (organizations with experience in delivering research or knowledge and technology transfer programs in collaborative university- industry environments)
  • Consortia of firms, universities or colleges

Does the applicant organization have to be incorporated at the time of application?


As of when are costs are considered eligible under the IRDI grant? Is "backdating" permitted?

Backdating is not permitted. The IRDI program will not consider past costs.

What should the letters of support from partners or stakeholders contain?

Letters of support should indicate, as much as possible, the level of interest, the minimum funding being considered and any conditions that may affect their decision.

Who makes the final funding decision?

Proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary expert panel established by the Secretariat, comprised of Canadian and international experts. They will evaluate the project proposals against the program selection criteria, recommend priority proposals to the NCE Steering Committee for approval and produce in-depth written assessments of the proposals.

Will there be an opportunity to meet with the review committee? Will there be a site visit?

There may be a possibility of a 1-2 hr meeting in person or by teleconference, TBD.

What is the minimum number of internships that an applicant organization should deliver?

The minimum annual number of interns per applicant is 100. It is expected that the two-year funding will support a total of about 1,200 internships.

Are there any specific targeted or priority sectors?


What is the required amount of matching funds?

The total value of the internship stipend must be a minimum of $10K for a period of four to six months (no less than four months). The federal contribution can not exceed 50 per cent of the total eligible cost of these activities. Eligible administrative costs may not exceed 25 per cent of the total amount of the IRDI grant held by the recipient organization. The federal contribution may be up to 100 per cent of the total eligible administrative costs.

Can you give examples of private sector organizations as partners for the individual internships?

Examples of private sector partners include industrial partners, i.e. small and medium-sized companies, providing products and services, with revenues deriving from the sale of these and not from government aid; multinationals, if the proposed internship would be taking place at a facility in Canada; and public utilities.