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Competition FAQ

2016 Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) program competition (additional funding for centres funded in 2010)


Competition Overview

Adjudication process

Expert Panel Presentation


Who is eligible to apply to this competition?

The 2016 CECR competition is open only to the third cohort of centres that was funded in 2011.

Why is this competition not open to applications for new centres?

The Private Sector Advisory Board (PSAB) recommended that centres funded in the first three CECR competitions that can provide evidence of impact be permitted to apply for additional funding to achieve sustainability.
A competition for new centres will be held concurrently. It will be adjudicated separately from the 2016 Competition for Additional Funding.


Competition Overview

Is this a renewal competition?

No, the 2016 CECR Competition for Additional Funding is not a renewal competition. It is an opportunity for Centres funded in the 2010 CECR competition to apply for additional funding to achieve self-sustainability.

What are the competition time and funding parameters?

The Centres can request additional funds no greater than the value of the original grant. The focus of the Expert Panel review will be on the credibility of the required budget as well as the appropriateness of the proposed timeframe to achieve sustainability.

What is meant by sustainability?

Sustainability means that the Centre will become financially sustainable and able to continue, beyond the term of the CECR funding, a reasonable proportion of the centre’s activities by its own revenue streams, such as stakeholder investments, confirmed contributions from other sources and/or membership fees.

Can revenue from the centre be used as a cash contribution?

Centre revenues can be counted as matching cash contributions.

Do letters of support have to indicate annual commitment? What is the level of detail required?

Annual commitments can be outlined in the financial projections. The Letters of support can indicate the total amount of partner commitment.

An NCE representative sits as an ex officio member on each centre’s Board. As a CECR transitions to sustainability, will this oversight be maintained?

The NCE representative remains an observer on the Board of Directors for as long as the Funding Agreement is active. Thus, once the CECR transitions away from CECR funding there is no requirement to keep an NCE representative on the Board of Directors.

What role will the NCE liaison officer for a given centre play in the process of the centre’s application for additional funding?

This NCE representative will provide advice to the centre on the proposal preparation if needed, and will not be involved in the meeting with the expert panel and the review of the proposal for the centre for which he/she acts as a NCE liaison.


Adjudication process

What is the selection process for Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research applications?

Applications to the CECR program are subject a standard rigorous selection process. Submissions for centres requesting additional funding will undergo review by international Expert Panels established by the NCE Secretariat. The Private Sector Advisory Board (PSAB) will review all applications and recommend which centres will receive additional funding to the NCE Steering Committee, which is responsible for the final decision.

Who sits on the NCE Private Sector Advisory Board?

The NCE Private Sector Advisory Board (PSAB) is composed of a panel of trusted and seasoned Canadian industry leaders who serve as strategic advisors. PSAB evaluates proposals based on their ability to create a strategic, long-term economic advantage for Canada.

Who sits on the NCE Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee oversees the operation of the NCE program. It is composed of the Deputy Minister of Industry Canada, the Deputy Minister of Health Canada, the Presidents of the three Granting Agencies [Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)] and the President of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (as an observer).

Is there a higher priority placed on commitments from industrial partners in the review?

Although favourably regarded, contributions from industrial partners do not take precedence in the review. Centres are assessed on their sustainability plans and partner contributions to those plans will vary according to the circumstances of the centre and the nature of their proposed model for sustainability.

Can the decision be appealed?

The decision of the NCE Steering Committee is final and cannot be appealed.


Expert Panel Presentation

Who sits on the Expert Panel?

Expert Panels are typically composed of five to seven members (including a Chair), who are internationally recognized experts with a specific expertise in business, knowledge and technology transfer, applied science, commercialization, public policy, and/or management.

Will centres be informed of the composition of their expert panel prior to their expert panel review?

Yes, approximately two weeks prior to their expert panel presentation, applicants will be informed of the names and affiliations of each of the members of their expert panel.

What is the location of the meeting with the expert panel?

Expert panel presentations will take place at 350 Albert Street, Ottawa. Centres will be provided with the logistical details a few weeks before the meeting and will be informed of final details and expert panel membership two weeks before theirr presentation.

For the expert panel review, can the centres have more than five members available and rotate them in and out of the presentation according to necessity?

No, centres are not allowed to have additional participants for the expert panel presentation beyond the five that they have selected and the roster of presenters cannot change during the course of the presentation to the expert panel.

Are the chair of the board of directors and the centre director mandatory presenters for the expert panel presentation?

No, there are no mandatory presenters. However, the chair of the board of directors and the centre director would be logical choices to include as part of the group of presenters.