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Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) - 2008-2009

The Grants Program for Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR Program) is a key element of the federal government's Science and Technology Strategy. The CECR Program supports the operation of commercialization and/or research centres that bring together people, services, and infrastructure to maximize the benefits of the government's investments in skills and research and to encourage greater private sector investment in science and technology.

The CECR Program is overseen by a tri-agency steering committee (NCE Steering Committee) made up of the Deputy Minister of Industry, the Presidents of the three granting agencies and the President of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (as an observer). A Private Sector Advisory Board (PSAB) will assess the economic and commercial benefits and opportunities of each proposal and provide advice and funding recommendations to the NCE Steering Committee. The PSAB will be informed at the full application stage by international peer review.

Day-to-day administration of the CECR Program is provided by the Networks of Centres of Excellence Secretariat (The NCE Secretariat).

The NCE Steering Committee invites Letters of Intent for the 2009 Competition for CECRs that will create a strategic, long term economic advantage for Canada. A total of $52M is available to support centres.

Prospective applicants should refer to the CECR Program Guide for detailed information about the CECR Program.

The NCE Secretariat runs periodic national competitive processes through which the Steering Committee selects successful Centres.

The 2009 Competition Budget was set at $52M. However, In light of the importance of this program and the large number of excellent Letters of Intent received, the NCE Steering Committee is increasing the value of this competition by approximately $10M, subject to availability of funds.