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Notification of Intent (NOI) Guide

2014 Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE) program competition

 Notification of Intent (NOI) Form

Please use this guide in conjunction with the BL-NCE Competition Guide.


The NOI stage:

  • the first of three mandatory stages in the competition;
  • provides the NCE Secretariat with the scope of the proposed BL-Network(s);
  • allows the NCE Secretariat to verify the alignment of the proposed BL-Network(s) with the program criteria, as well as the eligibility of the applicants;
  • identifies the specific expertise requirements for the peer review;
  • allows the NCE Secretariat to tailor the information webinar to the scope of the applicants, as well as highlight relevant topics for discussion; and
  • provides the NCE Secretariat with the contact information of the lead applicant to whom the NCE Secretariat will deliver an invitation to the information webinar.

Guidelines for Completing a Notification of Intent

NOI Form

All sections must be completed:

Section 1: Title of the Proposed BL-NCE-network

Provide the full English and/or French title of the proposed BL-Network and the corresponding acronyms.

Section 2: Contact Information of the Lead Applicant

Provide the following contact information of the Lead Applicant:

  • Full name, salutation, preferred language of correspondence
  • Current affiliation: position, name of organization/department
  • Mailing address, city, province, postal code
  • Phone number, extension, email address

Section 3: Goal of the Proposed BL-NCE Network (3,000 characters max)

Briefly describe the overall goal of the proposed BL-Network; give an overview of the 5 to 10-year vision of the proposed BL-Network.  Explain why the network approach is necessary to this vision. 

Section 4: Include a list of organizations presently participating in the application

Include the full names of organizations who are presently participating in the development of the application.  (Note later stages of the application will solicit additional information in this area).

Section 5: Research Target Areas (3,000 characters max)

Briefly describe the research target areas of the proposed BL-Network. Explain how this area is a research priority area for Canada making reference to the Mobilizing Science and Technology for Canada’s Advantage (2007 S&T Strategy), or other established priorities of the Government of Canada.  

Section 6: Expected Results and Outcomes (6,000 characters max)

Provide an overview of how the BL-Network will align with the definitions of success (outlined in the competition guide). goal of the proposed BL-Network will yield the expected research-related and commercialization–related outcomes of the BL-NCE Program.

Section 7: Level of BL-NCE Funds Request

Indicate the anticipated level of BL-NCE Funds that are being requested and provide a brief justification for the funds requested.

NOI Submission

All NOI applications to the 2014 BL-NCE Competition must be received by the NCE Secretariat via electronic submission by Friday, February 15, 2013, no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Electronic Submission

NOI applications must be submitted via the NCE Secure Submission Web Site.

Complete the required fields and select the BL-NCE Program > New Competition (NC) > Notification of Intent (NOI) from the respective drop down menus. The PDF document may not exceed 10 MB.

The following message will appear on-screen if the document is successfully uploaded:

Thank you for using the NCE Secure Submission Site. You have successfully submitted the document below. We will contact you or the contact person indicated in the document should we require any additional information.  Document submitted: <AcronymOfProgEnglish>_<AcronymOfCompEnglish>_<AcronymOfDocTypeEnglish>_
<AcronymOfNetworkName><NameLast> <YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS ET>


For more information, please contact:

Program Officer
Renée Leduc
Telephone: 613-996-9825

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