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Letter of Intent (LOI) Results

2014 Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE) program competition

The NCE Secretariat is pleased to announce the results of the Letter of Intent phase of the 2014 BL-NCE Competition.

The NCE Management Committee has accepted the recommendation of the Private Sector Advisory Board. Out of 40 eligible Letters of Intent received, the NCE Management Committee has invited the following proposed BL-NCE Networks (listed in alphabetical order) to submit a Full Application:

Letter of Intent applicants
Network Leader BL-NCE Title Acronym
Sylvain Cofsky Green Aviation Research & Development Network II GARDN II
Thérèse Gagnon-Kugler Centre of Excellence in Biomarker-Driven Clinical Research for Personalized Medicine in Cancer, a prospective population-based program CE-Q-CROC
Murray McLaughlin Biomass Commercialization Process Network BCPN
Douglas Morrison Ultra Deep Mining Network UDMN
Ian Philp Network for Smart Energy Grid Innovation NSEGI
John Soloninka Technology to Simulate, Visualize, Navigate, Monitor and Stimulate the Brain CORTECHs
Irene Sterian Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process ReMAP