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NCE Symposium – The Conditions for Impact

“NCE Symposium – The Conditions for Impact” was a knowledge mobilization workshop for all networks and centres. The event focused on learning about and sharing the best strategies and tactics organizations can adopt for effective knowledge mobilization. Keynote speakers and discussion groups examined two specific topics: “Governance for impact” and “Monitoring and reporting on impact.”

Governing for Impact

Impacts arising from research don't just happen on their own. Impacts happen when research informs the new practices, products, policies, processes and services that ultimately have an impact on the lives of Canadians. But we don't create impact in a vacuum. We create impact informed by the needs of end users and through collaborations with partners from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Given that impact is a function of many people and many organizations how does an organization govern these processes and these relationships to position research for impact?

Monitoring and Evaluating Impact

Is impact something that you count or is it a story that you tell? Or, is impact a story backed up by data and evidence? And, if it is the latter, then what is the evidence of impact and how do you collect it? Frameworks, indicators, NCE reporting... it’s enough to wish you had chosen to stay in the governance conversation. We all need to report on impact, but given that impact is a function of many people and many organizations beyond the control of the NCE, how do we articulate impact when that impact, sometimes, isn't so far removed from the research?