Dr. Diana Royce

Managing Director and COO, AllerGen

Diana Royce

Diana Royce, EdD, is Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at AllerGen NCE Inc.. She has degrees in Political Science from Waterloo and Queen's and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Toronto.

After spending 13 years with the Ontario government as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Ontario Council on University Affairs, the Commission on the Future of Post-Secondary Education in Ontario; and later, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (University Finance Branch), in 1998, she joined the NCE program as the Managing Director of HEALNet at McMaster University. In 2002, after winding down HEALNet, she assisted AllerGen NCE Inc. in developing a successful NCE application and then became its Managing Director and COO, a position she continues to hold. Under the leadership of Scientific Director, Dr. Judah Denburg, AllerGen NCE Inc. was recently renewed by the NCE program for a second and final seven-year term.