Networks of Centres of Excellence Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2011 - December 5 -7,  2011 - Fairmont Château Laurier - Ottawa, Ontario


What does it take in today’s world to achieve our collective mandate to mobilize Canada's research talent in the academic, private, and public sectors, and to apply it to the task of developing the economy and improving the quality of life of Canadians?

Given our collective role within the Networks of Centres of Excellence programs to create value and benefits for Canada and Canadians, we are at the forefront of the 21st Century model of innovation and this year’s annual meeting is all about our Innovation Impacts. Our excellence is measured today by our combined ability to nurture a culture of innovation; one that sets a direct path to success in the market or receptor community.

Many would argue it is not one thing or one strategy but it is fostering a culture of innovation; but one that is rich with expertise and inclusive of many disciplines. It is not the researcher that will bring a product to market, nor is it an expert in industry that will foster the next generation products; but a mix of expertise working together. Our challenge is to successfully move innovation through a business model, health care system or public policy to achieve benefits.

We are challenging our networks and centres to showcase and explore their innovation impacts and demonstrated their leadership in the context of the 21st century model of innovation.