What if... wearable tech could help police?

Wavefront (CECR)

Simple, mobile and wearable technology keeps emergency responders connected.

The RCMP contacted CommandWear Systems following the June 2014 shooting rampage that killed three police constables in Moncton, NB and the fatal shooting of a Canadian soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa just four months later. They were interested in a new wearable technology—developed with support from Wavefront—that allows responders to stay in contact with each other via text and video, and enables commanders and dispatchers to locate and communicate with their team in real time—in any situation. The software works on smartphones and smartwatches, and requires just minutes of training to learn. It even works when cellular networks are overloaded or unavailable. Several Canadian responders are now using the technology, including the RCMP, with interest growing within the U.S. intelligence community and public safety agencies worldwide.

Our software platform provides a cost-effective and easy way for first responders to remain heads-up and hands-free to do their job. Wavefront was invaluable in helping us to get to this stage.Mike Morrow, CEO, CommandWear Systems