What if... mines were free of diesel exhaust?

Ultra Deep Mining Network (BL-NCE)

Industrial Fabrication’s first electric vehicle for underground mining is the MINECAT UT150-EMV. UDMN is supporting development of a new electric motor for even larger heavy-duty utility vehicles.

Industrial Fabrication Inc.’s new battery-powered electric vehicle that bolsters the business case for deep underground mining, while creating a cleaner and healthier environment for miners, will hit the market in 2018. With support from the industry-led Ultra-Deep Mining Network, the Sudbury, Ontario manufacturer partnered with FVT Research Inc. of Pitt Meadows, BC to develop a new electric motor that can replace existing diesel engines in heavy-duty utility vehicles. This world first significantly reduces ventilation costs—which account for 30-50% of a deep mine’s (over 2.5 km) operating expenses—as well as fuel and maintenance costs.

Having UDMN’s support has been critical to this project. Not only did they provide funding for research and development, they also linked us with some of the big mining companies who are very important customers to us.Keith King, General Manager, Industrial Fabrication Inc.