What if... our children received better emergency care?

Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (NCE-KM)


Up to 85% of children who need emergency care in Canada are treated in general hospital emergency rooms whose staff may lack specialized pediatric training or easy access to evidence-based resources —but not for much longer. The TRanslating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK) network has so far linked 37 general ERs in nine provinces and one territory with their closest pediatric centre through a partnership with Pediatric Emergency Research Canada. Together, they have planned training sessions and meetings to share resources and the latest research to improve pediatric emergency care across the country.

TREKK has formalized and nationalized a process that identifies the truly high-impact conditions that emergency physicians need to hear about.Sarah Reid, PERC representative; Pediatric Emergency Physician; and Co-lead of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Emergency Department Outreach Program