What if... everyone chose to practise safe surfing?

Smart Cybersecurity Network (NCE-KM)


Canadian libraries are gearing up to help seniors and youth protect themselves against viruses, phishing and other cybersecurity threats. With funding from Public Safety Canada under the Cyber Security Cooperation Program, the Smart Cybersecurity Network (SERENE-RISC) is developing online videos and other practical training tools that will help libraries include the best evidence-based practices in their computer courses. Much is known about how to stay safe and secure online, yet many Canadians still do not apply basic security practices, such as frequently changing their passwords, updating their antivirus protection, and using only protected wireless networks. This new initiative will launch with one French-language and one English-language library, before being promoted to more libraries across Canada. With further funding, SERENE-RISC plans to expand this project and develop similar programs with other community groups, such as guiding/scouting organizations, high schools and community centres.

The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is very pleased to be collaborating with SERENE-RISC on the pilot for the Cybersecurity Public Awareness Tools and Library Outreach Project. We look forward to having our staff participate in the train-the-trainers program and engaging our clients in the cybersecurity curriculum designed specifically for older computer users. The evidence-based curriculum developed by SERENE-RISC will complement and enhance the IT training currently being offered by OPL.Elizabeth Thornley, Program Development, Ottawa Public Library