What if... gas pipelines were safer?

Leading Operational Observations and Knowledge for the North (CECR)


Monitoring Canada’s vast network of more than 242,000 km of gas pipelines, and much more globally, is about to get easier and less expensive. In 2015, LOOKNorth brought together two Alberta companies, Boreal Laser and Ventus Geospatial, to field test a new low-powered sensor that can be mounted on drones to detect natural gas leaks which can cause both loss of life and loss of revenue. The trial, jointly funded by LOOKNorth and Cenovus Energy, demonstrated the ability of the Ventus drone platform equipped with Boreal’s GasFinder ABTM laser system to detect leaks while flying over a gas pipeline in Alberta. Boreal Laser credits LOOKNorth’s support with reducing its development time by half. The product, now available commercially, can also monitor greenhouse gas emissions from other large-scale infrastructure.

LOOKNorth’s support allowed us to improve on our already functional GasFinder2, rebuilding it with all-new electronics and optical hardware plus a clever, user-friendly interface. GasFinder AB is much better adapted to use in remote field environments. It’s convenient, reliable and easy to use. LOOKNorth’s Technology Validation Program has helped us achieve a product that is much more attractive to end users.Hamish Adam, President, Boreal Laser