What if... breakthrough water treatment tech gets the right support to grow a company in Canada?

GreenCentre Canada (CECR)

Amy Holland, Product Development Scientist at GreenCentre Canada and Forward Water Technologies, shows how water recovered from a hydraulic fracturing operation—called flowback water—can be turned into clean water using a made-in-Canada green treatment process.

Forward Water Technologies is taking advantage of a novel commercialization approach pioneered by GreenCentre Canada that has cut two years off its development cycle and saved at least $2.5 million in research costs. GCC’s partnership with the Xerox Research Centre of Canada in Mississauga provided FWT with support beyond the reach of most start-ups, from process engineering to scale-up, pilot testing and developmental support. FWT is currently building a mini-plant in Kingston, Ontario to demonstrate to investors—using strong engineering principles—that its technology is viable from both an operational and cost perspective. FWT has pioneered an inexpensive, low-energy de-ionization process that uses “switchable” salt – a green chemistry breakthrough – to purify water from difficult-to-treat wastewaters from power generation and manufacturing.

Through GreenCentre Canada and their partnership with the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, our company has access to top tier scientists, subject matter experts and engineering resources that I can apply to this project as I need them. Those types of investments help to advance the technology, protect the intellectual property and prove the economics which makes us a lot more attractive to potential investors.Howie Honeyman, CEO, Forward Water Technologies