What if... youth didn’t choose radicalization?

Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts (NCE-KM)

Wisdom2Action participants in Calgary.

Grassroots groups from across Canada have begun sharing their most effective tactics for steering youth away from violent extremism. The Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts (CYCC) Network brought together over 30 community, religious and youth leaders, youth workers, law enforcement officials, academics and government representatives in Calgary. Participants in the March 2015 event are working to develop a checklist to assess both risk and resilience factors associated with youth radicalization, as well as potential policy responses. CYCC Network’s Wisdom2Action events in other cities have focused on issues such as indigenous youth suicide and gang violence.

The Calgary event provided an opportunity to network and share ideas with groups from other cities that are dealing with similar issues. It leads to better communications, better information sharing and new ideas for building resilience in young people.Chelby Daigle, Editor in Chief, Muslim Link; Community Police Action Committee Administrator, Ottawa Police Service