What if… firefighters could see through darkness and smoke?

MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (CECR)


Firefighters and search and rescue teams will be among the first to benefit from a military-grade technology that uses infrared light to see through smoke, fog and darkness. On track for commercial launch in 2016, the new CalibirTM camera from Teledyne DALSA was designed and manufactured in partnership with the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) in Bromont, Quebec. Other applications for the new camera include cell phones, heat loss detection in buildings, vehicle vision systems, surveillance and security.

Having local access to advanced packaging technologies is critical to our projects. C2MI also makes it easier to network with suppliers, contractors and especially some of the brightest young minds at Quebec universities. These students work with our engineering teams on projects with important commercial applications.Marc Faucher, Director, Product Development Solutions, Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor