Improving care for the frail elderly

Technology Evaluation in the Elderly—TVN (NCE)

Mentors Bryna Rudner (left) and Paula Rudner (centre) help Kelly Kay ensure the views of seniors are always front and centre.

A new training program from TVN emphasizes hands-on experience as the best learning tool. For example, it has helped Kelly Kay embark on the next step after working for 25 years in health administration and policy. As executive director of the Seniors Care Network, she is tackling a new role as a researcher to understand how technology can improve the care of seriously ill elderly people and support their families and caregivers. Kay is one of more than 120 working professionals, undergraduate, and graduate students who are benefiting from the new program.

Right now if a vendor comes and tells me how great some new piece of technology is for seniors I have no way of evaluating it. My research with TVN will help organizations make more informed decisions about which technologies are best suited for older people, and will explore how the perspectives of seniors are informing development.Kelly Kay, Executive Director, Seniors Care Network, Central East Local Health Integration Network, Ontario; Interdisciplinary Fellow, TVN