Ensuring all kids get the best hospital emergency care

TRanslating Emergency Knowledge for Kids – TREKK (NCE-KM)


Forty percent of children who go to a general emergency department do not get treatments for which clear evidence exists. To help, the TREKK network has developed an online library of “Bottom Line Recommendations” that provide health care professionals, parents and others with faster and easier access to current knowledge on childhood conditions. In just two months (October to November, 2014) more than 275 recommendations were downloaded on conditions such as croup, diabetic ketoacidosis, gastroenteritis and bronchiolitis. By March 2015, recommendations for 14 priority conditions will be posted. TREKK has also shared this evidence with its partners, including children’s hospitals and general emergency departments across Canada.

The bottom line summaries are very helpful. For example, the croup bottom line summary gives very clear definitions of mild, moderate and severe croup. Also having criteria for discharge and admission is very useful. I look forward to seeing more summaries come out.Mark Hoff, Emergency Physician, Bethesda Hospital