Understanding your cybersecurity risks in two-minute bites

Smart Cybersecurity Network—SERENE-RISC (NCE-KM)


Did you pick the most secure password? Are you a target for fraudsters when you shop online? Just how secure is your smartphone? Individuals and companies now have a quick and easy way to answer these questions. SERENE-RISC has launched a website that draws on the latest research—minus all the technical jargon—to provide plain language updates about cybersecurity risks and threats, as well as advice about protection strategies. The network also provides its members with a Quarterly Knowledge Digest summarizing relevant scientific articles and reports in cybersecurity, designed to be understood in just two minutes. Other activities include a knowledge brokers’ forum, an online knowledge-sharing platform, a professional development program, workshops and seminars.

Let me again express how impressed I am with SERENE-RISC so far. I find the workshops highly relevant and on target. The workshops are well run, making effective use of my time, and are very well organized.Senior law enforcement officer who participated in a SERENE-RISC workshop