A one-shot deal: Creating a universal flu vaccine

Pan Provincial Vaccine Enterprise – PREVENT (CECR)


Forty-eight volunteers are taking part in a ground-breaking clinical trial in Halifax for what could become the last flu shot people ever need. Rather than inventing a flu vaccine, researchers at the Université Laval hope to improve the protection of existing vaccines with the addition of nanoparticles (PAL), a technology derived from the coat protein of a plant virus (papaya mosaic virus). Tests showed the PAL vaccine adjuvant – which is essentially a booster for vaccines —provided broad protection against seasonal flu influenza strains in animal models. This low-cost vaccine technology, developed in academia with Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding, is being commercialized through Folia Biotech Inc. in Quebec City and the Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise Inc. (PREVENT).

FOLIA BIOTECH is committed to moving PAL through to clinical trials to establish a proof of concept in humans. This Phase I clinical trial is an important step in the completion of that goal. Our collaboration with PREVENT provided strong support to FOLIA in achieving that milestone. We view our partnership with PREVENT as a testament to the quality and efficacy of FOLIA Biotech’s innovative adjuvant technology.Louis Lamontagne, CEO, Folia Biotech Inc., Québec City